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City Bibles in 40 languages!
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City Bibles

The City Bible is an instrument for evangelism. The City Bible contains the New Testament. The City Bible is already available in 40 languages and there are more than 400 designs printed. The Word of God will not return in vain. read more…

‘A True Story’

The interactive Gospel of John, a booklet containing the Gospel of John and in every chapter’s key verse there is a 1-2 minute frame from the Gospel of John movie (2003). All you need is the booklet, the City Bible app and a smartphone. read more



If you do not need 500 pieces we can create your own sleeve with your City or Church on it. The design costs are free. Go to our webshop.

COVER – More than 500 pieces

If you want more than 500 pieces you have the possibility to have your own cover on the City Bible with you City, village or church.
The design costs are free. Go to order.

City Bibles App

You can download the City Bibles App for free in the App Store & Google Play. The App contains multiple video’s. 5 steps to peace in your heart, the Good Artist and Not the End. The app is available in English, Dutch, French, Italian and German. And soon Available in Spanish.

A City Bible for your City, church or event?
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