A unique app for the City Bibles

A unique app for the City Bibles

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A unique app for the City Bible

From June 2016 the Dutch edition of City Bible is the first to feature a special application on the smartphone: the Smart City Bible. With this application, a unique connection is established between the smartphone and the printed City Bible. Other languages, in which the City Bible is available, will follow later. Through this application, we want the message of the Gospel to be personalized in a modern way.

After the user has downloaded the application ‘City bibles’, it can be used immediately. The application uses the camera function on the smartphone. After completing his or her name and language preferences, the user keeps the smartphone over the home page, and he or she will be welcomed audiovisual en personal.

Because of the OCR (recognition of the text by camera) which is incorporated in this unique application, there are included a number of videos and animations. Remember the “5 steps for peace in your heart,” The Great Artist “and” Not The End’. These animations and videos can be expanded even further in the future.

How does the application work?

On the cover of the City Bible is an icon with an instruction that the reader has the opportunity to download the application. Once the application is installed on the smartphone, the user must enter his or her name and he/she selects the right language. Then, at the opening of the City Bibles App in combination with the use of smartphones (as mentioned above) ‘Smart City Bible’ welcomes the reader with the first name and addressed in their own language. The other videos / animations are included in the specified language.

Our goal is to personalize the gospel and at the same time implement the smart phone in the City Bible concept: a unique combination of print and digital work. Both City Bible as smartphone can be used independently, but the combination gives an appealing and depth value.

It is our prayer that this addition to the City Bible will reach more lost souls with the Gospel and that God is more glorified thereby.

The City Bible team