Johannesburg – Carolle Watson

Johannesburg – Carolle Watson

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Dear Peter and Els,

The Johannesburg City Bibles have been received with great excitement over the spreading of the precious Word of our God and Saviour all over Johannesburg. In the next two weeks it will hit schools as we have favour and open doors there. Many of these schools do not allow any one religion to make a mark or to influence, but by faith we’re in! GLORY!

On the west side of the city the bible forms part of a gift with toileteries such as a toothbrush, toothpaste and soap for patients in state hospitals. It is received with such great joy and often with tears. Each gift is handed personally and accompanied by prayer with the individual!

I myself ended up in a state hospital for an operation a few years ago. Friends and family believed that I would not come out of there alive! I knew by the Spirit of God that it was an assignment from God. Twenty women were in the ward; I was the only white one. I continually heard the Holy Spirit tell me not to be different to them – I had to become one of them. The food was terrible, but I had to sit and eat with them. They discussed me in their language and I did not know what they were saying. The beds had torn sheets and no pillows. I strolled through the hospital and managed to collect 3 pillows and brought it back to our ward. I kept one pillow for myself and handed the other two to each of the ladies either side of me… all by the instruction of the Holy Spirit!

They wanted to know why I was different to most other white people. Why did I eat with them and even shared pillows with them?

Then my assignment arrived – a woman from the Transkei (near the Wild Coast of SA). She seemed ready to deliver her baby but wept and read from a torn and dirty Bible with no cover on the outside. Driven by the Holy Spirit I walked over to her and asked her what was wrong. She told me that her mother-in-law was a professor in witch-craft in the Transkei and that what she is carrying is not a baby, but the product of witch-craft. It moved like a baby, kicked like a baby – yet it was evil growing inside of her. Her mother-in-law hated her because she is a Christian and caused this thing to grow in her so that her womb could be removed along with it. Her mother-in-law did not want another grandchild from a Christian!

I laughed, because I could see the fear of satan. He feared a godly daughter-in-law and he fears a godly grandchild! I told her that I was sent by God to this hospital because SHE was my ASSIGNMENT. By faith I prayed that she would have a show of blood that night before the operation as a sign to her that that evil thing has torn itself lose from her womb. I asked her wether she would believe that God would protect her womb when she sees the sign of blood. She believed.

She woke up in blood that morning – and was first to be operated on. By now all of us in the ward were waiting anxiously for her return from theatre. As the sister pushed her bed in she shouted: “we saved her womb, we saved her womb!” HE saved her, THE WORD saved her womb!

Hospitals in Africa NEED the WORD!

Our hearts jump for joy for such an awesome blessing from you, our dear friends in Christ! Together we will continue to conquer the earth by spreading Him, the Word!!

I love you deeply in Christ, my friends, my brothers and my sisters,
May you be blessed beyond description!

Carolle Watson